The mission of the Mason-Lake Conservation District is to provide leadership, technical assistance and education to
aid individuals, groups, and units of government in conserving, improving and sustaining our natural resources and environment

MAEAP Exceeds 5,000 Verifications

Farms across the state have been recognized as outstanding stewards.

Thanks to the hard work of the Mason-Lake Conservation District and our various partners, more than 5,000 farms across the state have been recognized as outstanding stewards of their land and water. 

MAEAP helps farmers adopt cost-effective practices that reduce erosion and runoff into ponds, streams, and rivers. This, in turn, helps farmers comply with state and federal laws. MAEAP is a voluntary program. We recognize and reward top stewards of the land. This is a state program delivered by conservation districts, local leaders you know. MAEAP is open to any Michigan farmer.

There are four categories of recognition: 1) Cropping, 2) Livestock, 3) Farmstead, and 4) Forest, Wetlands, and Habitat.

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