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Nitrate/Nitrite Well Water Testing - Scottville
Contact 231-889-9666

Mason-Lake Conservation District
655 N. Scottville Rd
Scottville, MI 49454
Tel (231) 757-3707 x 5

  • Run water for 20 minutes before collecting the sample from an untreated tap.
  • Outdoor faucets work well; detach the hose before sampling.
  • Label bottles clearly with your name, sampling date, and the well name (cottage well, Mom's well, etc.).
  • Please use a small, clean jar/bottle (mason jars, baby food jars, etc.) to collect one ounce samples.
  • Water samples must be less than 48 hours old and kept cold before being dropped off.
  • Water sampling forms are available at drop off days.
  • This service is for private drinking water wells only.  Public water supplies are tested regularly.

Call Mason-Lake Conservation District at 231-757-3707, ext. 5 for more information.

Sponsored by the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) and Michigan Conservation Districts.

Location  - Manistee Conservation District, 8840 Chippewa Highway, Bear Lake, MI 49614