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Field Guides & Children's Books

$13.95 each

The Kid’s Guide to Birds of Michigan: Fun Facts, Activities and 86 Cool Birds

This fun activity book will get the kids out exploring in the back yard this spring. The helpful photos make it easy to pick out and identify our many bird species commonly seen around Michigan.  Author: Stan Tekiela

$14.95 each

Trees of Michigan

An easy quick-reference field guide, this book has been a popular option every year. Through color photos and notes, you can gain an understanding of how to identify a tree by its leaves, bark and overall appearance. Great for all ages!  Author: Stan Tekiela

$18.95 each

Wildflowers of Michigan

This 400 page field guide has all color photos of Michigan wildflowers along with notes on habitats and tips for identification. The book is organized by flower color and size, so that you can go directly to the color tab for the flower that you need to identify and look up your mystery flower. Great for all ages!  Author: Stan Tekiela

$19.95 each

Birds of Mason County

Authored by Mason County’s own David Dister, this book includes species accounts of over 308 bird species, beautiful color photos, maps of birding hot spots, migratory dates and much more. The 250+ page book is a combination of a field guide and birder’s reference book; a great resource for birders of Mason County!  Published in 2020.

$16.95 each

Mammals of Michigan

This color field guide features all sixty-six of Michigan’s mammals, from mice to moose. In addition to the color photos, you can look up many tracks or footprints, habitat requirements, signs to look for certain animals and fun facts about our Michigan Mammals.  Author: Stan Tekiela

$12.99 each

HOLLY WILD: Motor City Mayhem, Urban Wild (Book 5 in series)

Tween explorer Holly Wild discovers that the family pet and Hayfields mascot has gone missing just before their homecoming game. Holly also discovers that development is a far greater threat to her missing hen than coyotes, hawks, and cats as she turns to the urban wild of Detroit for clues.  Written and Illustrated by Lori Taylor

$12.99 each

HOLLY WILD: Questpedition for da Yooper Stone! (Book 4 in series)

Holly and her Team, T & Sie, head home from their summer vacation when they discover secrets, legends, and a mysterious story teller are following them across Michigan's eastern U. P. But when the Team suddenly finds that 5th grade = miserable middle-school, Holly embarks on a quest for a good luck stone. Holly is one Geo-explorer Kid who is headed for rocky times as time is running out! Will she find the lucky Yooper Stone in one week?  Written and Illustrated by Lori Taylor

$12.99 each

HOLLY WILD: Packing for the Porkies! (Book 3 in series)

Holly and her Team, Tierra & Sierra, are headed to Michigan’s Yooperland wilderness, the Porcupine Mountains! Holly's attempt to establish communication with the Yoopers—folks from the U.P.—and experience true wilderness are put on hold as she finds herself trying to survive in a rustic camp in the land of big trees, big water, Bunyan and Bigfoot. But when a “Porkies” artist comes up missing—Holly must face the wilderness on her own.  Written and Illustrated by Lori Taylor

$6.00 each

The Gift of Summer Rain: An Arch Rock Legend Coloring and Activity Book

Lori Taylor's illustrations make the history of the land and legend of the First People come alive with this companion guide to The Gift of Summer Rain. For creative fun, these 34 pages are filled with interactive and educational play with puppets, games, and more. Write, draw, cut, and glue! Use it in the classroom or take it on vacation. Let storytelling and imagination entertain and educate kids aged 7-11.  Bear Track Press, 2018

$16.95 each

The Gift of Summer Rain: An Arch Rock Legend

Lightning crashes and thunder roars, winds rage and seas roil! The story of Summer Rain and the breccia stone arch of Mackinac Island's Arch Rock comes alive in this re-telling of the Odawa Indian legend. Exciting storytelling in art and word that teaches kids amazing stuff about cool places in a fun way! Junior fiction for ages 7-11. Softcover 9 x 9", full color, 58 pages.  Written by Doris Holik Kelly.  Illustrated by Lori Taylor

$18.00 each

Holly Wild: The Young GeEKs Guide To Getting Outside

Ten-year old Holly and pals take young cousin on an alphabet adventure into the WILD BACKYARD! This lyrical read-aloud, perfect for naptime or playtime, is for young Geo-Explorers ages 2--6. Packed with fun body smart prompts, Backyard BINGO Scavenger Hunt, and more, this HOLLY WILD picture book will be sure to get lil GeEKs outside and INTO the dirt. This new softcover 9 x 9" 60 page book has full spread art with extra games and goodies!

$14.95 each

Birds of Michigan

A popular pocket field guide every year, this book offers color photos of many bird species of Michigan, as well as habitat notes and an index for quickly looking up a mystery bird. Great for all ages!  Author: Stan Tekiela

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