Board of Directors Election - Petitions Due by January 5th

Our Conservation District (and all others in Michigan) have a five-member Board that is locally-elected by voters of the respective District. All Directors serve a four-year term, but can choose to run for re-election.

Our Board of Directors help to guide the projects and fundraising efforts of the Conservation District.

Major current undertakings include creation of a five-year Strategic Plan, staffing expansion, diversifying funding sources and creating a health plan for staff. Directors meet monthly, as well as work on Committee projects in between regular meetings, and help at major Conservation District events. Anyone with a passion for conservation work can be a great asset to our Board. Past and current directors have backgrounds in education, communications, farming and agriculture, forestry, law, business administration, finance and more, leading to a great diversity of experiences that can support our organization.

In 2024, one seat will be up for election. If you are interested in running for a seat on our Board of Directors, a completed petition must be submitted to the Conservation District office no later than January 5th at 4:30pm. Petitions can be obtained on our website, via mail, email, stopping by the office or clicking the link here.

For more information, contact Dani McGarry, at (231) 757-3707 ext.102.