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Presentations are designed for children K-12 grades. Home schooled families are also encouraged to call for presentations. There are many presentations to choose from:

Education Presentations

Groundwater/Surface Water
The groundwater flow model is part of the presentation which takes 30-45 minutes depending on the grade level of the students. This demonstration explains how water may become contaminated and why we need to care for our water. The water cycle is also addressed and how it relates to groundwater and surface water. Program designed for 2nd-12th graders.

This presentation is available to groups of adults as well as schools in Mason and Lake county free of charge.

Managing Michigan Forests
We have a video, CD-Rom and overheads all containing fun facts about Michigan Forests. Materials are targeted for 4th graders, but can be adapted for children grades 2nd-12th. Students will learn more about Michigan trees, what makes a forest, the importance of wood products and much more!

Michigan’s Wildlife
We have a Wildlife Education Kit. The kit will include animal skulls, tracks and a bird song identifier. Featured animals include foxes, turtles, squirrels, opossums, raccoons, birds and more! The wildlife presentation will be geared to students grades K–12th.

Soils Presentation
Porosity tubes, samples of soils, groundwater flow model, all used to explain the differences in soil, the rate of which water penetrates the soil, water table, etc. This presentation is geared for 2nd-8th graders.

Other Conservation Topics
Along with the topics listed above we have many hand-outs, posters and other visual aids that can be used for presentations. Don’t see a conservation topic that your class is discussing? Give us a call, with enough time we can most likely put something together.