Beach Grass Update

Beach grass is no longer available for spring planting. Please check back with us in the fall.

Beachgrass is native to the Atlantic Coast and the Great Lakes.  It is more strongly rhizomatous, less sensitive to high temperatures and somewhat longer-lived than European beachgrass.   American beachgrass is a tough, coarse, erect perennial with hard, scaly, creeping rhizomes and dense, spike-like seedheads.  Seed is generally infertile. American beachgrass has proved to be the best plant for initial stabilization of moving sand.  Stems from the plant form a mechanical barrier which slows and then traps moving sand.

We are now accepting orders for fall harvest. We have a limited supply, so please complete and submit an order form to reserve your plants. We will contact you closer to harvest season (mid-September) to coordinate your order, pick-up dates, or let you know if we are out of stock. Please keep in mind that we do not have staff on hand that are consistently harvesting, so it may take up to 2 weeks to process your order.

2020 Beachgrass Order Form

2020 Beachgrass Order Form for Out-of-State Orders