TanksCost-Share Program

The Mason-Lake Conservation District is offering cost share to farms in Mason, Manistee, and Western Lake Counties to help assist with achieving MAEAP verification. The four systems that farms can be MAEAP verified in include Farmstead, Cropping, Livestock, and Forest, Wetland, and Habitat. With these systems, there are certain management practices that farms need to implement to be MAEAP verified. Our cost share program is available to help farms achieve these practices, and farms that are one or two practices away from MAEAP verification are eligible to apply.  All MAEAP projects approved for cost share will receive a 50% reimbursement, up to a maximum of $500 per producer.

For additional information on practices that are included in the cost share and to find the application,   click here.

What MAEAP-Recognized Farmers Say

Dittmer 900 670

Gary Dittmer

Dittmer Farms

“When you get into the program, you find that you’re already doing 80-90% of the things you should be doing. It is a good thing for farms to show the community.”

Conrad 780 674

Pete Conrad

Conrad Farms Inc.

“The MAEAP program has added value to our farm. Reassurance that we are being great stewards of our farm’s resources has been a major part of this value.”

Lister 780 664

Art Lister

Lister Orchards

"A big advantage of the MAEAP program is that it’ is a proactive approach to work with producers. I want to know that I am doing everything I can to protect the environment, and this assures me that I am doing just that."