Landowners can use bioengineered natural shorelines to protect their shorelines. Natural shorelines use native plants and natural biodegradable materials that decrease erosive forces, prevent harmful runoff, and increase wildlife and fish habitats. The conservation district is here to help with technical advice, permitting questions, and as a landowner advocate.


Erosion can be caused by wind, rain, wave, human activity, and ice. Seawalls can cause wave flanking that causes erosion at each end of the seawall. Natural shorelines help to prevent erosion by decreasing the wave energy hitting the shoreline and preventing ice push.

Erosion 1


Do you want more wildlife on your property? Over 150 wildlife species require habitat along inland lakes. You can help provide this habitat through natural shorelines. Adding native vegetation to your property will increase habitat for wildlife and pollinator species.  

Erosion Control

How does a natural shoreline help with erosion? Through native plants and natural biodegradable materials. Native plants have long root systems some reaching 15 plus feet below the ground surface. These root systems keep soil particle from being washed away. Natural biodegradable materials such as erosion blankets and coir logs also help to break up the wave energy preventing erosion.

Goose Deterrent
Having issues with Canadian Geese? Natural shorelines can help. Geese will take the path of least resistance in order to browse on one of their favorite food sources turf grass. Adding tall native plants to your shoreline will deter geese from entering your lawn.

Bioengineered shoreline projects will need a permit through Environment Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE). This permit is a joint permit for EGLE and the US Army Corps of Engineers. Follow the link below to to submit a permit.,9429,7-135-3313_72753---,00.html

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