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Jack Pine Seedling

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Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana )

Type: Evergreen tree

Native to our area
Other Names: Scrub pine
: Northern mid-west and eastern U.S. The Northernmost pine range.
Typical Mature Height: 50-75’
Light Requirement: Full sun
Soils: Sandy, acidic soils
Habitat: Dunes, open woodlots; early successional growth
Flower Color: Red, yellow
Fruit: Cones are fire-adapted, and only open from the heat of a fire
Bloom Time: April, May
Wildlife Value: This tree is the sole nesting tree species used by Kirtland’s Warbler, an endangered songbird species known only to northern Michigan.
Uses: Beneficial for colonizing poor, droughty soils and providing wildlife habitat and cover for birds and small mammals.