Fall Beachgrass Sale

A limited supply of American Beachgrass is available for purchase this fall.  We are selling culms in bundles of 100 and 500.

Fall Orders and Harvest Details!

Tentative Pick-up Date is Friday, Octboer 13th at our office in Scottville

A limited supply of American Beachgrass, also known as dune grass is available for purchase this fall.  We are selling bare-root culms (sprigs of grass) in bundles of 100 and 500. Plants are packed with peat moss or wet shredded paper to keep moisture on the roots, but should be planted within one week of receiving them, or placed in a refridgerator. If storing, plants should be monitored to ensure adequate moisture to keep from dyring out or becoming moldy.

To keep customer costs low, bundles of 500 are estimated based on weight and volume, and may not be exactly 500 culms. Please plan accordingly if you have specific planting needs.

We will be accepting orders for beachgrass throughout September but harvest and order pick-up will not take place until October. 

We plan on one week for harvest in mid-late October, once temperatures have cooled down and plants begin to go dormant for the season. 

Pre-orders will then be available to pick up in October at our office in Scottville. Clients in Mason, Oceana, Manistee and Lake County are expected to pick up orders in person.

We have a limited availability to ship orders if they are outside of our immediate area outlined above. Three bundles of 500 culms fit per box and cost is $58/box within state and $69 out of state.

We recognize that this harvest schedule is a bit tricky for our clients' planning purposes, but we appreciate your understanding as we do our best to work with mother nature and our limited staff availability for harvest time. Please consider this timing prior to placing your order. Anyone that places an order will be notified directly once we confirm our harvest and pickup dates.

Tips on planting and spacing -  Beachgrass Info  

You can place your order over the phone or by mailing or emailing in an order form. You can also use our webstore to purchase directly. If you order online and mail a check, we do not incur credit card fees!
In-state order form  or Out-of-state order form

Thank you for considering us for your planting needs!

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